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Take evening adult educational art classes with professional artists in their art studios.


Madhubani Art Course: Forest of Honey

The Art from a sacred land 

About the Course
Full 6 weeks course starts W/C 27th Sep 2021
Every Tue 6-8pm (4 spaces max)
(the day can be negotiated) 
Price £240

Pay as you Go: £42 Per session

In each week's class you will be practicing a new style of Madhubani painting as well as exploring different media. Madhubani art uses complex geometrical patterns. There are three main themes in Madhubani paintings. First is Religious, (Gods) second is Social (what you see in your society and community) and third is Nature, (mountains, rivers, animals etc).


In week 5 you will begin working on A3 Khadi handmade paper to create your own tree of life Madhubani painting which will be continued into week 6. 

What to Expect
All materials will be provided
Refreshments provided- Tea/Coffee (you're also welcome to bring your own snacks)

Week 1: Introduction to Madhubani Art: Indian Ink, Mark-making & Borders 

Week 2: Indian Ink & the Vermillion (Red) : Katchni (line) Theme: Nature 

Week 3: Indian Ink & Fluid Acrylics: Godna/Godhana (Tattoo painting)

Week 4: Indian Ink and Watercolours: Bharni (to fill) (Open Theme)

Week 5: Indian Ink & your choice: Tree of Life part 1 (A3) 

Week 6: Indian Ink, Gold & mixed-media: Creativity, (Tree of life continued part 2)

About Madhubani Art


Madhubani/Mithila Painting/folk Painting meaning Forest of Honey dates back to the 7th century AD. The art form began in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. The Indian state of Bihar, hence why it is called Madhubani/Mithila. Madhubani. Madhubani paintings were traditionally created by the women of different communities of the Mithila region, and done on freshly plastered mud (cow dung) on walls and floors of huts, but now they are also done on cloth, handmade paper and canvas.


The origin of this art form is traced to the time of the Ramayana when Lord Ram was the King of Ayodhya in North India. If the legends are to be believed, a group of artists were commissioned to decorate the wedding venue with beautiful paintings on the occasion of the marriage of Ram and Sita by Janak, the King of Mithila.

Jitwarpur, is a village on the outskirts of Madhubani town and is one of the most celebrated homes to legendary practitioners of the art, they didn’t just make Madhubani paintings, they lived in them. It has been described as a form of prayer and meditation because it resides in the souls of the practitioners of the art. 

The colours used in Madhubani paintings are traditionally derived from plants and other natural sources. These colours are often bright and pigments like lampblack and ochre are used to create black and brown respectively. Instead of contemporary brushes, objects like twigs, matchsticks and even fingers are used to create the paintings. Generally, no space is left empty; the gaps are filled by paintings of flowers, animals, birds, and geometric designs.

Ideal for those who are looking to

  • Learn from a professional working artist

  • Take part in hands on practical lessons

  • Learn traditional and contemporary art techniques

  • Push their creativity and experience something new

  • Learn in a very small class size 

  • Create art mindfully and increase a feeling of wellbeing 

Sign me up!

Six Week Course (4 spaces max)
Every Tuesday 18:00 -20:00
Price £240
Pay as you go £42 per session 

Week 1: Tuesday 28th September 2021 (18:00 - 20:00)
Week 2: Tuesday 5th October 2021 (18:00 - 20:00)
Week 3: Tuesday 12th October 2021 (18:00 - 20:00)
Week 4: Tuesday 19th October 2021 (18:00 - 20:00)

One week Break 

Week 5: Tuesday 2nd November 2021 (18:00 - 20:00)
Week 6: Tuesday 9th November 2021 (18:00 - 20:00)
Pay as you Go
Six Week Course
Every Tuesday 18:00 -20:00
Pay as you go £42 per session 



Stewkley House Art Studios

2 Wadsworth Road (Studio 12)

Perivale, Ealing


By Train: Closest station is Perivale 5/7 min walk. 

By Car/Parking options:

  • Outside Stewkley House.  

  • Aintree Road (free and 1 min walk)

  • Tavistock Avenue (5 min walk)

  If you have any questions about the course or the taster class please email me at

All are welcome, no experience is needed and all resources & materials are provided.

Anyone attending my workshop will be added to my VIP mailing list if they wish so that they can receive invites to my future exhibitions and PV events. 

All bookings receive a confirmation by email, please be sure your check your paypal account email address junk mail or spam folder.



Catherine Smith

I have now completed 3 classes and enjoyed each one. Komal can teach people of different ability and experience while creating a lovely learning atmosphere. Komal’s introduction to, and explanation of Madhubani Art is clear and insightful, and the whole experience is positive and encouraging. I look forward to booking more classes.

Stewkley House Art Studios, 2 Wadsworth Road (Studio 12), Perivale, Ealing, UB6 7JD

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