I am Komal Madar, a professional artist living in West London, Hayes. I was born in the UK, to Indian Parents. My Mother was born in India (Delhi) and my Father was born in Kenya (Nairobi). 


My indian culture has always been an important part of my identity 

especially whilst growing up. Living near Southall (mini India), meant I was surrounded by an Indian community and exposed to lots of colours, wonderful fabrics music, dance, food and festivals. 

Every Sunday my Papa (Father) would take me to the temple where I would have Indian classical dance lessons (Kathak). I would wear bells around my ankles and dance to the beat of the Tabla. I was always an expressive child and loved the arts.


I can’t remember a time not painting. I would paint on the walls at home; collect objects so I could make something from them. I was also a keen collector of gemstones/ minerals, and stamps.

"Sometimes we're forced in directions

we ought to have found for ourselves." Maid In Manhattan

When I was coming to end of my first year of teaching I was faced with the shocking news of my best friend having cancer. She passed away within 4 months of being told this devastating news. This left me and many loved ones in a lot of pain, so I decided to pack my bags and go on a solo backpacking trip to South East Asia. It was during this time I allowed myself time to heal, it is also why I decided to start sharing my art.


I will always remember the last words my best friend left for those she loved.


 "grab life with both hands".

                          Carys Morgan. 

My tattoo symbolises a new beginning and marks the journey of when I decided to start sharing my art with the world. It is rich with Hindu symbolism that is meaningful to me, and also plays an important part in my art practice and how I understand the world.

The Aum (Om) symbol is significant as it identifies the different states of consciousness. I try to bring this awareness to my own practice. It also offers me stillness and a reflective space as for me painting is a spiritual journey, and a continuous dialogue between the Artist and the Artwork. 


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