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Priya Chandé, Founder of Unwindldn & One Young World Ambassador

This week we met the talented Komal Madar who taught us the ancient Indian art form of Madhubani painting. A folkart hailing from North India, its often found in rural villages and practised by women who have passed the tradition down to their daughters through multiple generations. They usually use a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks as well as natural dyes/ pigments to create the paintings. 


Renowned for its eye-catching geometric patterns, we began by creating border patterns on paper. Just practising this was super therapeutic, requiring focus and a steady hand, we entered a state of flow in no time at all! 
Once we were confident with these, Komal talked us through themes often found in Madhubani paintings such as naturemythology. We decided to draw a tree of life filled with magical birds.

khadi paper is the perfect material to use for this as it offers a really nice rustic and authentic look. After marking our borders, we began to sketch. Komal is a fantastic teacher and patiently guided us through the process. She brings lots of templates to help you #draw birds and floral patterns making it a lot less daunting or to help when you have a creative block

We were supposed to have painted it by the end of our session but got so carried away with the intricate details, we only got to sketching it. The beauty of art is that it's a process and it can be all consuming- a perfect distraction from the outside world! 


Melissa Hemsley, Chef, food columnist & best selling cookbook author

Bought myself a bundle of classes earlier this year & finally got a chance to enjoy them today with friends IRL at Masterpeace London. Swipe to see what Nelly thought of her portrait Loving painting and drawing as it helps me soften my perfectionism and expectations if anyone can relate to that!? Thanks for a great class Komal Madar 


Zaynah Din, Digital Creator at Tik Tok, & Baker

Komal was my graphic design & art teacher at college and has now become my mentor and great friend. Myself and 5 friends attended one of her art classes at Masterpeace studio in London and it was such an amazing afternoon! We started with guided meditation which was lovely, then a couple of hours painting with lots of refreshments and snacks. Since leaving college Komal and I have stayed in touch, she's one of those teachers you will always remember, I can't wait to attend another Masterpeace painting session soon!


Poonam Sodha

Komal was amazing, it was my first time painting in years and the Madhubani painting workshop has really encouraged me to incorporate painting in my day to day. I learnt so much from the history of Madhubani, Komal's journey in the fine arts and also the differences in the various types of acrylics.

cass art

Lubna Ul- Hasan

I recently attended one of Komal Madar's Madhubani Painting Workshops in Cass Arts Islington, where I met this lovely, talented Artist. She gave us an introduction to Madhubani painting and supplied us with an array of pictures to choose from to make our designs.

I love Komal's use of colour. I can really relate to the vibrancy of her work and the colours that she loves to create with. I had a wonderful day, spent transferring my design onto beautiful khadi paper and just painting. Such a soothing and relaxing way to spend a day.


Thunicia Moodley

This is the first art workshop I have attended.  It was in a convenient, comfortable & inspiring location, being surrounded by lots of art by talented artists.  Komal was very well prepared with materials, and wonderfully calm and laid back, while still imparting relevant knowledge to us. She also followed up with resources for use in our own time. Her own work is truly impressive, and  the session really motivated me to spend more time in my life on being creative.     


Vivienne Caley

The Madhubani workshop was very enjoyable and informative. All the materials were provided and it included a talk on Madhubani Art and materials used and worksheets to work from. The atmosphere was relaxed but focused and all students came away with a piece of Art.


Sheela McLean

it's been a while since the class at Cass Art but just thought I'd send along the picture I finally finished. Got most of it done in London but added a few final touches back home in Vancouver. Thanks again for the class! Hope it is going well in your new studio. Thanks also for the listing of exhibits in London. I got to see the Lee Krasner show at the Barbican, it was excellent. 


Catherine Smith

I have now completed 3 classes and enjoyed each one. Komal can teach people of different ability and experience while creating a lovely learning atmosphere. Komal’s introduction to, and explanation of Madhubani Art is clear and insightful, and the whole experience is positive and encouraging. I look forward to booking more classes.